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Providing comprehensive solutions in entertainment and business areas such as distribution, promotions, social media management, marketing, talent management, music distribution, consultation, campaign research and analysis.

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To be the leading and most innovative PR and branding sector in the entertainment and business industries, empowering our clients to achieve their highest potential and stand out in the global market.

To be the leading and most innovative PR and branding sector in the entertainment and business industries, empowering our clients to achieve their highest potential and stand out in the global market.


By leveraging cutting-edge techniques, specialized services, and a dedicated team, we aim to build long-lasting value and connections with our clients.

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By offering comprehensive and tailored solutions, we aim to empower our clients to become industry leaders, while also fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, and excellence within our organization.

Our Entertainment Services

With Music in focus, ALTurnatyyv Resources plays a more refined role in delivering its services with efficiency and effectiveness.

Below are amazing services we offer

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Music Distribution

We engage in the services of getting your music, records to various digital streaming platforms and social media platforms.

DSP Verification

Getting your DSPs verified and making sure you are seen as a professional artiste is one of our goals, so this is a safe space.

ALTurnatyyv Promotional Services.

From securing playlist placements, and targeted social media advertising to influencer campaigns and media coverage, our comprehensive approach ensures your brand and music stand out in the competitive market.

Playlist Placements

We ensure that our clients’ music gets widespread recognition and reaches a global audience through Editorial or Curated playlist placements on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Boomplay, YouTube Music, and Audiomack.

Targeted Social Media Advertising and Strategic WhatsApp TV Ads

Our targeted social media advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok, are designed to reach specific audiences and increase brand visibility. We also leverage strategic WhatsApp TV ads to enhance reach and engagement, tapping into the popularity of WhatsApp for broader impact.

Branding, Radio and Media Coverage

We work closely with clients to develop effective branding strategies that resonate with their target audience and position them uniquely in the market. In addition, we help our clients secure Radio Airplay, Media coverage in reputable blogs and prominent TV channels like MTV, Trace, and Sound City, enhancing their visibility and reputation in the entertainment industry.


Influencer Campaigns

With strategic collaborations with influential creators on platforms like TikTok, our influencer campaigns significantly boost brand visibility and engagement among the target audience. By leveraging the influence of these creators, we help our clients connect with a wide range of audiences and grow their fan base.

Electronic Media Kits and Artist Verification

We create comprehensive electronic media kits for artists, including promotional materials, press releases, and media assets. These media kits are essential for showcasing their work to industry professionals and media outlets, allowing them to make a lasting impression. Additionally, we assist artists in getting verified on platforms like Instagram, and Twitter, enhancing their credibility and visibility.

Trending Campaigns and Engaging Ads Campaigns

Our trending campaigns on platforms (Audiomack and Twitter) generate a powerful buzz, driving organic engagement and visibility for our clients’ music and brand. We go beyond the digital realm by complementing these efforts with physical ads like billboards and other out-of-home advertising. This comprehensive approach ensures a lasting impact in both the digital and real-world spaces, making our clients stand out and capturing the attention of their target audience.

We Also Offer The Following Services

ALTurnatyyv Resources also plays an active role in delivering the various services outlined below with efficiency and effectiveness.

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Public Relations (PR) Campaigns

We develop and implement strategic PR campaigns to manage and enhance public image and perception of our clients. These includes media relations, crisis management, and press release distribution.


Social Media Management

Apart from social media advertising, we manage the day-to-day activities on clients’ social media platforms, responding to messages, engaging with followers, and maintaining a consistent online presence.


Content Creation

We assist clients in creating compelling content for their social media platforms, websites, and other promotional materials to engage their audience and strengthen their brand.


Brand Development and Identity

We provide comprehensive brand development services, creating unique brand identities for businesses and artists to set them apart from competitors.


Event Management

We offer event planning and management services, helping clients organize successful music launches, concerts, parties, and other promotional events.


Market Research and Analytics

We conduct market research and analyze data to gain insights into audience preferences, trends, and competitors, helping clients make informed decisions.


Influencer Marketing

In addition to influencer campaigns, we can expand their services to include influencer marketing, where they can collaborate with influencers on various platforms to promote brands and products.


Brand Partnerships

The company can facilitate brand partnerships and collaborations for their clients, allowing them to cross-promote with other brands or artists for mutual benefits.

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